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Workshop teaching:

As well as running workshops at gallery institutions and events, I also run occassional 'private' workshops for small groups from my studio. To cater for special requests, I can provide one on one tuition. Courses can last from a few hours to a week depending on your interests - to enquire, please email me. I generally post workshop announcements here when there are spaces available, and through Instagram - @rhiannon_adam, or you can join my mailing list

Past workshops include:

Victoria and Albert Museum
The Photographers' Gallery
The Barbican
Francesca Maffeo Gallery
Association of Photographers - Behind the Lens / Photographer's Dining Club
Pinksie (education charity) - Year 6 students.
Arts Award - Hackney, London (teenagers)
IdeasTap, London
Double Negative Darkroom, London
Curious Projects, Eastbourne
Impossible Project Space NYC.
Designer's Block, London
Create Brighton (Miniclick)
Double Negative Darkroom
We Are Laura / Boxpark Pop-up, London
Yeradessa / Meanwhile Space

Forthcoming workshops/teaching:

Private Workshop May 2018

There will also be a workshop to tie in with Peckham 24 in May, and another on the 30th of June in conjunction with the London Institute of Photography / Free Range.

If you would like me to host a workshop with your organisation, please do get in touch. I teach with a mixture of cameras and materials - including Fuji, Polaroid and Impossible Project and programmes can vary widely.

I also run workshops for children and young people. In 2017-2018 I have been collaborating with two schools to create new Polaroid related work for this year's Barbican Box publication, channelling the work of Basquiat. The publication will be available at the Barbican in April 2018.

Photo credit: John Chee