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Over the last year, photographer Laura Pannack and I have been schlepping around various locations on collaborative walks. These walks are driven by the company you keep, and when two creative heads come together with differing visions.

We work very differently. I mainly shoot landscapes, and Laura shoots people. Laura largely shoots on medium format, whilst I shoot on Polaroid.

It's an interesting learning process, and neither of us go to any place with a pre-conceived idea of what we will shoot. The key is going with the flow.

So, we came up with the project - shooting a series of double exposures on Polaroid film. She shoots one, I another. The rules vary- sometimes we do this consciously, whilst at other points one of us shoots a picture surreptitiously and leaves it in the camera to see what happens. There is an element of fun, excitement, sneakiness. Neither of us know what will emerge and despite occasional efforts to engineer a scene or suggest that the other shoots, essentially it is out of our hands. It's playful and less about the result than the process - enjoying image making as part of a wider experience.

My love affair with Polaroid is all about the elements of luck and environment that end up incorporated in the final product, and this project takes these two attributes to the extreme. Neither of us have sole ownership of these shots, and it is a true collaboration. Not only between Laura and I, but also with the medium itself.

Two photographers and two different experiences of a place, united. No ego, no selfishness. A shared experience. What photography is all about.

Our plan is to turn this into a book, so watch this space for future developments.